Saturday, June 14, 2008

L-O-S-T Season 1

"Enormous casts ...

breath-taking actions ...

astonishing performance by the actors.

Every episode thrills and kills me...

One of the best TV Series in the world;

Need not to mention its uniqueness and distinctiveness that fetched the series more interesting and puts its audience in a very outrageous situation to think what's gonna happen if you're being L-O-ST..."


TV Rating: 5/5 stars

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the chronicles of narnia: PRINCE CASPIAN

As Prince Caspian and King Peter collaborated:

"one ..... intriguing start ;

two ..... lovable characters ;

three ..... more actions ;

four ..... less yet impressive magical spells;

five ..... deepened script ;

six ..... shares element of The Two Towers and Harry Potter ;

seven ..... more of darker tone background ;

eight ..... Ashland is back to protect Narnia and the Narnians ;

nine ..... the witch puts in an blood thirsty appearance ;

ten ..... i dreamed to become PRINCE someday *cough* the four Pevensie siblings a year older and quite a bit wiser when they're summoned back to Narnia and Prince Caspian gives a little salt in the drama ;


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