Friday, August 1, 2008


"...where is damn Rachel Weisz? Its just too weird that Brendan Fraser and Maria Bello worked with less chemistry, that you'll think of another movie being put into theater, watch it and after left no impressions. Likewise, I'd rather wanted to see more of Luke Ford and Isabella Leong on a romantic teen drama, though Isabella portrayed well her avenger's character.

When it comes to excitement and full throttle action packed sequel and great casting,. no doubt, the FIRST has it.

It then was added more spices on the SECOND as THE ROCK fill in, though it didn't raked the FIRST.

One thing that the THIRD has that the others don't have is that IT IS MORE MAGICAL and its supernaturalism won it. Nothing more interesting on the characters portrayal though I'll give credits to the ASIAN SUPERSTARS and LEGENDaries Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh for their kicking action upbringing!..."

Movie Rating 4/5 stars


the MUMMYrable quotes

[from trailer]
[stopping a car before throwing the man out]
Rick O'Connell: Whoa whoa whoa. Sorry pal, there's a mummy on the loose.

[from trailer]
[upon seeing an army of the undead]
Rick O'Connell: So these are the good undead guys, right?

[from trailer]
Jonathan Carnahan: I hate mummies. They never play fair.

[from trailer]
Alex O'Connell: Good going dad. You've raised another mummy. In his tomb, it said he had control of the five elements.

[from trailer]
Zijuan: [about Han] When the emperor built the great wall, he buried his enemies underneath it. I will call them to battle once more.

[from trailer]
Pilot: I'd tell you to fasten your seatbelts, but it was too cheap to buy any! Ha ha ha!
Rick O'Connell: Ha ha ha! Why am I laughing?

[from trailer]
Jonathan Carnahan: [to Rick] You guys are like mummy magnets!

Rick O'Connell: Here we go again!

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