Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mr and Mrs Smith in reel TRUE deal

I think that was 5 years ago when the movie prod, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, was currently being filmed wherein Brangelina rose to big diss on Int’l Showbizness. As we all know, Pitt was married with Jennifer Aniston that time. Guess what? Pitt and Aniston got separated after for almost 5 years of marriage life. And the said homewrecker? It’s no other than Pitt’s co-star, Angelina Jolie.

It was slated that Pitt and Jolie were into ”flinging” while the movie was being filmed. As some people said Pitt got hooked on Jolie’s “rose-pedaled lips” and some hearsay, they were sexually satisfied. And in the year 2005, goodbye Aniston and -here comes the goddess-beauteous Jolie in Pitt’s Life.

Currently on “W” Magazine’s interview, Pitt summoned up that he and Aniston got separated before the released of his movie with Jolie, likewise, as the movie was currently being filmed.

And these past few days, Pitt dished showbiz entertainment after defending ex-Aniston to the “uncool” issues towards his present wife Jolie.

And i think after the huge success of Mr and Mrs Smith, they should come up for another sequel of the movie. Maybe, “The Sweethearts Revenge: Mr and Mrs Smith versus The-Ex”

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